Setting up VPN for Android

Let's set up the free VPN service for Android device, it's very easy and quick to set up. There are three stages in this procedure, OpenVPN Connector app installation on Android device , VPN account subscription and OpenVPN Connector app subscription setup.

Installing OpenVPN Connect Application


Let's start by installing the OpenVPN app, go to your Google Play store, and look for the OpenVPN Connect app


Subscribing VPN Service

Let's assume that you have not registered on our site, in this case need to sign up for the subscription process of the VPN service

Press menu (top right) to access menu items.

Select the desired VPN 


Fill out the new account registration form


After registration you will be shown a page with your subscription details, you will also receive all your details for future use in your email

To configure the service you need the configuration files provided to you by the address described in the "Configuration files for VPN" field, click on the link and enter the data provided in your "Username to access server" subscription for "Username" and "Password to access server" to "Password". Under "OS" choose "GNU / Linux" and click "Get configuration files"




Configuring the VPN Service in OpenVPN Connect

Open .zip file and select "openvpn-gnu-linux" folder

 Click on the file "client.ovpn"

 Select "Open as Other"


Choose "OpenVPN Profile" option to import configuration file

Accept file import information



Customize your connection settings and add subscription data for "Username" and "Password", these fields are the fields provided by your subscription.

Enable the connection





Congratulations, your setup is now complete!


If you have followed all the steps and cannot connect to the VPN please go to the Troubleshooting section, if no solution please contact us.